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Beltone HearMax

Beltone HearMax - The Beltone HearMax app connects your Beltone Trust hearing aids to your iPhone®, Apple Watch® or Android™ phone for easy and discreet ways to control your hearing aids. With a new, sleek and intuitive design that features one-tap access to the most popular features, it's a great way to enhance your Beltone Trust hearing aid experience.

Video Beltone HearMax

Hear sounds the way you want to

The Beltone HearMax app allows you to change volume and hearing aid environmental programs directly from the main screen. It's quick and easy. Streams audio, calls and GPS navigation from your phone directly to your hearing aids. Control volume and other settings with the touch of a button. Connect and control directly from your Apple Watch. "Find My Hearing Aid" technology via the app assists you in locating misplaced or lost hearing aids. Compatible with iOS and Android devices. For a list of compatible devices, visit the compatibility page.



Get all the details

For a truly personalized experience, the Beltone HearMax app allows you to adjust your Beltone Trust hearing aids, based on the environment you're in. If you find yourself in a noisy or windy area, just tap the Sound Enhancer button on the main screen and reduce background or wind noise. If you only want to concentrate on someone talking in front of you, then use the Speech Focus setting to make it easier to hear the conversation.


Get the extra support you need

If you need support from your hearing care professional, in-between your scheduled appointments, use the Beltone Remote Care feature of the Beltone HearMax app. Simply send a request and your hearing care professional can send new settings, wherever you are. Whether you're traveling or you just can't get to the office, it's the same fine-tuning you would get at an office visit, just in a more convenient way. No other hearing aid app allows you to get this type of service.


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